Apart from the pop opera "Jack & Jackie", we also have over 200 original songs that are, as yet, still unpublished and available for solo artists, bands or soundtracks. Below are some MP3 samples of just a few of them.

And don't forget:

any song's flavour can be radically changed, depending on your own, or your band's, interpretation and style...

So if you're interested in starting your own career with some original songs ASAP,

or you'd like us to compose something for your own special requirements,

please don't hesitate to contact us

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A Day At The Zoo      (Pop rock with a message)

A Man Of Steel      (Boys' Band pop)

Far Away      (Dreamy pop ballad, best suited for a strong clear female voice)

Make My Day      (Perfect girl-band material)

Neighbour Tom      (Powerful rock melody)

No Safe Heaven      (Boys' band hit)

Persuasion      (With just a touch of rap and techno)

Read Between The Lines      (New York City reggae, with a bit of acid)

Sailors And Dreams      (Haunting ballad for a strong female voice)

Slaves      (Male vocal material set to a pop-african rhythm)

Suburbia      (Classic rock with industrial-strength rhythm)

White Wall      (Hard-hitting comment on worldwide racial issues)

Words Just Fail Me      (Romantic ballad for female or male singers)

Please note: All songs have legal international copyright secured.

Any copying, arranging, adapting, stealing, recording, sampling, public performing or broadcasting in any shape, form or size of any or all parts of the works contained herein without our express permission is an infringement of copyright and is liable under international law. Infringers WILL BE prosecuted.