"jags music" is Australian song-writing brothers Mark & David Jaeggi.

Both together and separately, we have composed well over two hundred original
and eclectic works.

We have previously recorded two CD albums, the first entitled "Zulus On Ice" after our band of the same name, recorded at Nelsonic Studio in Melbourne. Our second album, simply entitled "jags music", was recorded at Harry Williamson's Spring Studio in Melbourne and combined contrasting styles, singers and musicians throughout the entire album to help demonstrate to prospective clients the unlimited possibilities and flexibility of our work.

This latest and most ambitious project, the uplifting and motivating pop opera
"Jack & Jackie", was finished recently after years of work and has now been brought to life, initially in the studio, and soon onstage. It has been registered with the Writers Guild of America.

"jags music" is an official company that has been registered in Victoria, Australia since 1996, expressly for the purpose of bringing together aspiring artists and bands with our song-writing talents.

We are a friendly, professional and prolific team with the ability to write for a wide stable of artists. We are flexible, uncomplicated and competent, with many years of experience behind us in song-writing, live-performances and recording. We also write songs for solo performers, bands and/or multimedia projects, including soundtracks.

Email:  David Jaeggi

Email:  Mark Jaeggi